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Navigating Complexity


Navigating Complexity

Since O.D.'s establishment in 1987, our goal has been to help our clients achieve excellent performance.

  Our Commitment 

We are a consulting group that helps leaders create performance breakthroughs by embracing change, empowering leadership, and maximizing organization capabilities.
Our approach combines deep insight into the complexity of organizations and its human aspects. We are committed to be the industry leader in terms of excellence and integrity, as well as an empowering and enjoyable workplace.

  What makes us special?

We are your trusted adviser
We are committed to the highest professional standards
We deliver state of the art products and solutions
We present an integrative and comprehensive organizational development approach
We are able to undertake large scale projects and deliver on time and on budget


Find Out More about Our Consulting Services

Explore our extensive portfolio of services at O.D. Consulting.
With a range of industry experts, our products and solutions provide high end standards for companies of all sizes and in all market segments, from small firms to multinationals.
O.D. Consulting projects lead to significant and lasting changes with measurable growth.


Embracing Change


Organizations that want to maintain their competitive advantage must be ready to embrace change.
Today’s leaders need to manage multiple and complex change processes simultaneously.
At O.D. we help our clients define their strategic agenda, focus on priorities, and align the organization with its goals.
Our integrated focus on organizational transformation, change management, and adaptive leadership on complex business environments is an approach to organizational change that is clearly differentiated in the marketplace.
Our comprehensive and integrated approach can help your organization fulfil its potential and increase your pace of change.



O.D. is a trail blazer in Leadership Development.
We offer a leadership paradigm based on the most advanced knowledge in the arena of leadership and reflecting the competencies needed to deal with uncertainty in complex competitive environments.
We believe that leadership is not only a position or title but a critical behavior needed through all levels of organization, and the main role of a manager is to develop these competencies through his domain.
Our programs are well known for high end facilitation and state of the art knowledge delivery, and they combine unique tools and activities which support the capabilities to adopt the required competencies.

From Insight to Impact


O.D. Systems provides a gateway to the world of Human Asset Predictive Analytics and performance improvement. The product of many years of professional experience in the organizational development and human resources fields, it combines consulting experience, current research, and innovative technology while rigorously satisfying the highest standards of information security.
The system comprises three key modules which are integrated to supply a total solution:
The Insight Module – organizational surveys and analytics
The Impact Module – employee evaluation, performance and talent management
Plug & Play – real time solutions for personal development activities (360°)
Each module contains a large number of dedicated solutions, each of which may be added or used as a separate unit.
O.D. Systems' professional solutions employ the most current international knowledge and are powered by innovative and yet intuitive and highly user-friendly technologies and interfaces.

Neuroscience of Workplace Learning


Brain profile reports, developed by Dr. Andree Vermuelen, apply cutting edge neurological research to identify individuals’ unique mental characteristics – their potential, how they process information, and what their learning and thinking strengths and preferences are. It is the most comprehensive learning and thinking styles assessment tool currently available in the market, evaluating all the primary factors that influence brain performance and learning receptivity.

Employee Journey


Many organizations understand the importance of talent retention and development, but fail to translate this understanding into practice. At O.D. Consulting we developed a comprehensive solution all along the value chain for talent retention and development.
O.D. Consulting presents a creative and dynamic solution combining our O.D. Systems technological capabilities and our years of experience in the arena of talent development.

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Learn How We’ve Helped


We’ve worked with some of the biggest industry names both locally and globally. Our team includes experts in multiple industries and we’re ready to help you develop and grow your business. From reorganizing staff roles to improving customer relationship management, we’ve got the experience to give your organization a boost.



O.D. Consulting is proud to have some of the industry’s best
consultants on our team. The experience, capability, and
passion of our staff is the foundation for our success in serving
our clients. That’s why we invest heavily in recruitment, skills
development, and forming a work environment that fosters
their growth.


Partner and Joint CEO


Joint CEO


Joint CEO


Senior Consultant and Leadership Development Facilitator


Senior Consultant and Leadership Development Facilitator

Yoel Zmuckas

Senior Consultant and Leadership Development Facilitator

Arik Alvo

 Senior Consultant and Specialist in Branding and Corporate Communications

Eli Kuntsman

Organizational Consultant Project Manager – Surveys and Evaluation Systems

Lola Rokni

Organizational Consultant Project Manager – Surveys and Evaluation Systems


We’re Hiring

Want to work for the best organization with the brightest minds? Check out the exciting career opportunities at O.D. Consulting below. If you’re curious and driven by innovation and outside-the-box problem-solving, we’re interested in having you join us. Send us your resume and we’ll have you interviewing in our office in no time.


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If you are with at least 10 years of experience in the consulting field with expertise in group facilitation and would like to join a professional and high level team, you are the one!
Contact us and we will be happy to meet you for a coffee

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Persona Global

O.D. represents Persona Global in Israel since 2011. Persona Global is a global leader in consulting, organizational development, management development, and survey and evaluation systems. The company has representatives in 70 countries worldwide, is one of the global leaders in organizational surveys, and is known for its advanced real time systems and broad product portfolio.

Through its partnership with Persona Global O.D. provides consulting solutions to several companies worldwide, while maintaining high standards and solutions and assuring constant cooperation between the various representations.

ROI Institute

O.D. is the exclusive representative of the Phillips ROI™ methodology, the leading methodology for evaluating human capital effectiveness. The Phillips ROI™ methodology provides an additional tier to O.D.'s results oriented thinking as exemplified in our professional activities (SFO – Strategic Focused Organizations, Balanced Scorecard evaluation, perception of managerial roles, ROI).

O.D. receives prize of Excellence at ROI Institute's 12th Global Conference in Dublin, Ireland

In 2011 O.D. won the ROI Institute's international prize for excellence in evaluations and measurement. The prize was awarded for best article on the application of ROI™ methodologies in the evaluation of effectiveness. The winning article was published in the Israeli Human Resources Journal of June 2008 and was written by Andy Friedman and Anat Gazith, titled: "10 principles for the correct management of effectiveness evaluation processes for development programs and courses"


MultiSystems develops advanced software solutions for businesses, employing groundbreaking technology. The exclusive technology is based upon smart system components and facilitates the development of customized business management software and systems, enabling maximum preparedness to implement changes.

The use of smart components, programmed to execute a wide range of actions, ensures exceptional flexibility and a precise response to all the organizational needs. From the initial needs analysis stage and through all subsequent phases, the software solutions can be adapted to the pace of the organization's development and to the changes it is undergoing.

The partnership with MultiSystems is the basis for the development of the Insight and Impact products, key modules in the ODSystems infrastructure.

Dr. Amir Rosen

O.D. has a long standing relationship with Dr. Amir Rosen. This cooperation focuses on the development of leading edge models in organizational diagnostics and human capital management systems.
These models represent key infrastructure in the surveys and evaluation fields.

Dr. Amir Rosen has over 30 years experience in organizational diagnostics models, organizational research, consulting to leading companies, and developing simulation systems.

His broad experience has contributed to the development of customized solutions in identifying and developing talent management plans in leading companies in the Israeli market.


Dr. Andre Vermeulen is the CEO and founding member of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy that specializes in the neuroscience of learning based in South Africa and USA. He is regarded as a pioneer in the neuroscience of workplace learning and performance optimization. He has developed a sought after brain profile assessment called the Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP) that is used across the globe in businesses, schools and universities to identify learning potential and optimize performance.

HR in Flow

HR in Flow provides a variety of HR solutions and is our partner and our exclusive affiliate for O.D. systems products and services in the UK. HR in Flow offers current state analysis, transformation and improvement labs, performance management design, key team and individual coaching and functional evaluation.


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