O.D. Consulting

The expertise you need to break through

Let O.D. Consulting show you how to unlock your company’s true potential.

As startup nation’s leading organizational development experts, O.D. Consulting leverages your capabilities to achieve performance breakthroughs by embracing change, empowering leadership, and maximizing your organization’s capabilities


O.D. Consulting is your breakthrough partner to:

High performing

Empower leaders of all levels with the most advanced skills, tools, and attitudes help them thrive in times of uncertainty, pressure and market turbulence

Meaningful culture in the workplace

Make your company a place people want to go to every day with the right development opportunities that fulfill the personal potential and ambitions of employees

Adaptive & agile strategies

Develop your ability to adapt to changing circumstances with strategic direction to continuously create value through innovative products, services, and business models.

Lead and reinvent

Lead culture change initiatives and strategic breakthroughs with proficiency and support of 21 business-savvy experts skilled in creating an agile, sustainable, innovative culture

Actionable people

Collect invaluable real time data about your company’s performance and generate actionable insights to maximize performance by formulating an immediate and efficient plan

Let our team be the experts you lean on

O.D. Consulting focuses on these pillars and resources to boost business growth:

Human capital

Find the key to developing loyal, committed, and motivated employees through shared purpose.

Leadership capital

Learn how to develop leaders that can steer your human capital toward your business goals.

Organizational capital

Develop culture that responds confidently to ever evolving conditions and business needs.

How do you know it’s time for organizational development?

If you’re looking to implement a new organizational design that’ll transform your company into a well-oiled system

If you can’t keep up with emerging trends or tech

If you want to have the back of the top consulting firm full of business sharks to help you navigate market uncertainty

Your enterprise isn’t growing, and you don’t know why

Your enterprise is growing, and you don’t know-how

You’re lacking inspiration and perspective, and you need an impartial expert opinion from a top consulting company

Running a successful organization requires insight you can only get from a top consulting firm you can trust. That’s us.



O.D. Consulting has proved to be a dedicated and significant partner in OSEM’s journey to meet our strategic challenges.

During our work with O.D. Consulting, we encountered a high level of professionalism, business acumen, deep organizational and cultural sensitivity, commitment, and professional integrity.


O.D. Consulting took part in many of Verint’s business achievements.

The uniqueness of O.D. and its consultants derives, in my opinion, from the combination of their professional abilities, their continuous investment in renewal and learning, and the business understanding which they bring to the training processes and individual counselling.

Yoel Zaks – VP of Organizational Development and Global Training

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries

We have worked with Andy, Lior, and Zohar for several years and they are now responsible for managing leadership and organizational consulting within IAI.

O.D. is one of the companies I trust absolutely to build and support effective processes that drive the organization and generate beneficial action movement towards achieving the organization’s goals.

Keren Kol

Andy Friedman

Owner & CEO

Lior Cohen

Managing partner
Leadership breakthrough division

Or Shalev

Managing Partner Analytics & Actionable Insights division

Avi Langbeheim

Managing Partner
Public sector division


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