Leading in Turbulent Times: The B-Wise Model

Change is an inevitable force that constantly shapes our personal and professional lives. As leaders, our ability to adapt and lead ourselves becomes paramount in turbulent times. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of O.D. Consulting “B-Wise” leadership model, a model that enables us to navigate the complexities of a disruptive era. By understanding the four domains of leadership and implementing proactive actions, we can embrace change and foster a resilient and empowered organizational culture.

Assessing the Environment: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)

To effectively cope with change, we must first acknowledge the characteristics of our rapidly evolving environment. These include volatility, marked by rapid and unpredictable shifts, for example, the drastic decline in the airline market during the pandemic. Uncertainty prevails as we grapple with an unknown future, unsure of how the world of work will unfold in the coming years. Complexity highlights the intricate and interconnected nature of our surroundings, making it difficult to establish clear cause-and-effect relationships. Ambiguity further adds to the challenge, as it becomes hard to decipher the meaning behind events and understand their implications.

The Essence of Leadership: Adaptation and Catalyzing Change

 In the face of these challenges, leadership becomes synonymous with adaptation. A true leader not only embraces personal change but also drives transformation within the system. They are both a locksmith who opens blockages and a poet who inspires others to evolve. This realization led us to the development of the B-Wise leadership model, which encapsulates the necessary actions for leaders in today’s dynamic landscape. Drawing from our experience, as well as previous models we developed like “Leadership in Complex Environment” and research from esteemed institutions like MIT, B-Wise provides a comprehensive framework for effective leadership.

 The B(asic Foundations)- WISE

The model is divided into two parts: the B and the WISE. The B represents our basic foundations as leaders. Before we rush to manage others, we need to see how we lead ourselves. The basic foundations consist of four personal attributes: optimism, resilience, interpersonal awareness, openness to learning, and proactiveness. These components allow a leader to adapt to a changing environment and lead. Leaders need to be optimistic because if they want to make a change, they must believe in their own and others’ ability to change and convey this optimism. A leader needs to be resilient, meaning to learn from failures and grow. A leader needs to be open to learning, to question their own assumptions, but also be open to what others say. A leader also has to be proactive, meaning to engage in activities based on these basic foundation traits. The basic foundations are the basis of how we approach leadership, and what characteristics we need to hold in order to deal with the challenges of the VUCA. If we are talking about a changing world, then we also need to learn to adapt. Only then, we move on to the domains of the WISE.

The Four Domains of B-Wise Leadership:

  • W(ow Factor): Inspiring a Compelling Vision The Wow Factor revolves around creating a compelling vision that captivates and motivates individuals within an organization. Effective leaders possess the ability to articulate a clear sense of purpose, direction, and shared values. By connecting the vision to these core values, leaders inspire others to understand why their work matters and how it contributes to the larger picture. The Wow Factor ignites a sense of passion and meaning, encouraging individuals to align their efforts with organizational goals and fostering a collective drive toward success. and drive innovation.

  • I(nvent): Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Invent centers around the constant drive to improve processes, structures, and systems within an organization. Leaders who embrace this domain recognize the importance of adaptability and agility in a dynamic environment. They encourage a culture of innovation, where individuals are empowered to challenge the status quo, explore new possibilities, and experiment with novel approaches. By fostering a growth mindset and embracing change, leaders promote a culture that thrives on continuous improvement, enabling the organization to stay ahead of the curve.

  • S(ensemaking): Understanding and Adapting to Complexity Sensemaking is the ability to make sense of complex and ambiguous situations. In an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, and interconnectedness, leaders must navigate through the complexity and provide clarity to their teams. Sensemaking involves utilizing critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and strategic analysis to decipher patterns, trends, and emerging opportunities. Leaders who excel in sensemaking possess the capacity to synthesize information, interpret it effectively, and make informed decisions. By promoting sensemaking, leaders enable their teams to adapt swiftly and respond effectively to change.

  • E(mpowerment): Influencing and Enabling Others Empowerment lies at the core of effective leadership. It involves the ability to influence and enable others to realize their full potential. Leaders who empower their team members foster an environment of trust, collaboration, and growth. They actively listen, value diverse perspectives, and provide opportunities for individuals to take ownership of their work. Through empowerment, leaders create a culture that encourages autonomy, creativity, and continuous learning. By leveraging the strengths and capabilities of their team, leaders amplify collective performance and drive innovation.

In Conclusion

The B-Wise leadership model encompasses four domains – Wow Factor, Empowerment, Invent, and Sensemaking – that enable leaders to thrive in complex and uncertain environments. By inspiring a compelling vision, influencing and enabling others, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, and understanding and adapting to complexity, leaders can unleash their full potential and drive success in their organizations. By embracing these domains and incorporating them into their leadership approach, individuals can navigate disruptions with confidence, foster innovation, and lead their teams toward a brighter future. The B-Wise model equips leaders with the necessary tools to make a lasting impact in an ever-evolving world.

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