Let’s put the benchmark on the table

As an innovative player in organizational analysis and people analytics , we manage a broad database of more than 60,000 employees in a wide range of industries (high-tech, health, finance, communication, etc.). All this data feeds into a benchmark which reflects employee attitudes and market trends and which we employ to shape our products and to inform the human resource management strategies we offer our customers. We publish this benchmark twice a year and have just released the summary benchmark for 2022.

 In July 2022, our analysis of the data indicated that after several years of increases, there was a reversal in employee engagement. The full-year benchmark made it clear this trend had only worsened through the end of the year. The two key drivers of this decline were (1) a significant fall in employee willingness to make long-term commitments to their workplace and (2) a continued decline in the perception of the workplace as a place worth working in (both of which fell to pre-2018 levels).

Or Shalev, joint CEO of O.D. Consulting explained these trends: “The data we collect allows us not only to follow the general trend of employee engagement , but also to monitor the changes in the factors that affect it and how well the needs of the employees are met in the workplace. In 2022, the needs of employees for meaningfulness, security, stability, and a healthy work-life balance all increased. This increase was reflected in the ‘Great Resignation’ that characterized the post-COVID labor market.”

While the Israeli economy flourished during most of 2022, 2023 opened with an unfortunate combination of economic, political, and social crises. How these will affect employee engagement going forward is hard to determine. On the one hand, history has taught us that in times of crisis people tend to seek stability and job security over personal and professional development. But on the other hand, such a crisis of trust in the political and judiciary systems is new, so it isn’t clear yet how it might affect employee engagement. This makes it all the more important for organizations to keep their finger on the workforce’s pulse and to monitor employee engagement and the factors that underpin it.

O.D. Consulting offers a holistic system that measures employee experience at all the “moments of truth” throughout their personal and organizational journey. We use empirical data to help our customers validate strategic assumptions and translate them into actionable insights.

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