Take your organization to the next level

Whether you want to empower your leaders, make ground-breaking business decisions, or lead organizational changes, our consulting solutions, development programs and workshops can help. Our consultant and transformation experts are your trusted partners on the road toward a more successful, effective, and happy organization.

Develop high performing leadership

With modern strategies and specialized expertise at your disposal, you can lead your business leaders to organizational success. Help your managers from all levels encourage employees to face new challenges, achieve their full potential, and be the very best version of themselves within your organization.

Adaptive leadership laboratory

Provide your leaders with the basic foundations for dealing
with complex environments. Each leader acquires hands-on leadership experiences amplifying their individual strengths by learning the principles and language of breakthroughs and adaptive

Newcomers to leadership positions

Entering a leadership position is an adaptive challenge. Our solutions develop the mindset, skills, and knowledge necessary for this critical period. Managers can lead employees life cycle experiences and enhance their performance and engagement.

The art of Sculpturing New Horizons

Empower your mid- and senior- level leaders to lead adaptation in a changing world, and become systemic leaders powered by brilliant business acumen and strategic thinking that would elevate your organization to new sustainable peaks.

Personal breakthroughs

one-on-one coaching for leaders through periodical meetings with an expert consultant to review dilemmas and identify personal patterns and to achieve both personal and organizational breakthroughs. All this by a focused, short-term methodological approach.

Custom programs for managers of all levels are available.
Together, we will create an environment of motivated employees focused on getting things done.

Adaptive strategies & agile execution

In today’s business world one thing is certain—the shelf life of business models is getting shorter. The pace of change is fast and frantic, the boundaries between industries are blurring, and unexpected new competitors are disrupting the organization’s value propositions.

At O.D. Consulting we provide unique tools that allow you to examine your strategy’s basic assumptions and identify your organization’s readiness to meet disruptions in the competitive environment. We’ll also provide practical guidance on creating an organizational infrastructure that will optimize existing and new growth engines.


You’ll access concrete skills, tools, and strategies to help identify new business models and develop an agile strategy fit for today’s volatile markets. You’ll learn to execute adaptive strategies using the best-in-class Business Model Canvas methodology.


Leverage a unique methodology of agile execution based on a combination of flexibility and interactive control systems. Enhance your organization’s focus on executing its strategic agenda. We help organizations solve the challenges of organizational alignment and focus.

Interactive control systems

Adapting to changes in strategic agendas requires using existing and new control systems interactively. These mechanisms facilitate the bottom-up flow of competitive information from employees closest to the customer and most knowledgeable about market and technological trends.

Winning management teams

Today’s business challenges require continuous recalibration and identifying characteristics that either promote or hinder their effectiveness. Working in partnership with our team of expert consultants you will be able to solve your management team’s challenges.

O.D. Consulting has years of experience accompanying hundreds of management teams. Today’s business challenges require teams to continuously “recalculate the route” and identify characteristics that either promote or hinder their organization’s ability to deal effectively with the challenges it faces. Working in partnership with our team of expert consultants you will be able to understand and solve your management team’s challenges (conventional or adaptive) as well as identify and deal with team patterns that promote or hinder its effectiveness.

Sail through your next organizational strategic breakthrough with peace of mind knowing O.D. Consulting has your back.

Reinvent yourself

Whether you need to expand your business model, implement operational changes, or access new markets, our team has the Startup Nation’s secrets and expertise in order to transform into a healthier, more innovative, and sustainable business.

Real-time strategic change

Respond to constant market changes using participative
methodologies involving the entire organization in swift and far-reaching Change. We will Provide a step-by-step road map for major organizational change, combining conceptual frameworks, techniques and tools.

Team innovation management

Create a culture that encourages creative ideas, innovation, and the confidence to act on them by combining design thinking with organizational development experience. Enabling a dynamic innovation process while imparting practical tools
based on trial and error.

Value innovation incubator

Create your unique innovation incubator to develop valuable
visionary products, solutions, and business models. The path from a promising new idea to a successful business project is often non-linear, requiring a multi-stage methodological approach.


Brain profile reports developed by Dr. Andree Vermuelen apply cutting edge neurological research to identify individuals’ unique mental characteristics—their potential, strengths, and learning profile. It is the most comprehensive assessment tool currently available.

Create a meaningful culture in the workplace

O.D. Consulting helps organizations create a workplace culture that combines strategic business needs with employees’ needs to realize their authentic selves. We’ll help you retain talent by building a culture imbued with meaning, innovation, opportunities, and support.

Start attracting top talent:

Empower your talent

As a leader in the “new world of work”, we help people acquire the skills needed to meet the challenges of this fast-changing, dynamic environment. Skill such as
entrepreneurship, initiating and executing breakthroughs, personal development, etc.

Synergies & collaboration

Only 7% of organizations believe they manage synergistic collaboration effectively. We developed a unique approach to immediately spot and enhance valuable partnerships as we diagnose and unblock troublesome bottlenecks both inside and outside the organization.

6 Steps culture design transformation

We transformed the phrase ״our unique culture is our differentiating key״ into a program that helps leaders lead and implement the necessary cultural breakthrough through six practical steps: Assess, Measure, Harness, Implement, Monitor, and Apply.

Communication & internal branding

Interactive communication within the organization is a
powerful tool for maintaining employee engagement and a sense of belonging in times of crisis, change, and routine. Together we׳ll create the right strategies, communication channels, skills, and enablers.

Empower your most precious resource – your human capital.

Actionable People Analytics

Understanding employee satisfaction, emotional state, and efficiency are crucial in an ever-changing environment. Real-time data is the only way to ensure your employees are truly satisfied and engaged.

Here are some solutions to help you analyze employee satisfaction:


Using customized automated tools you can now monitor, measure, and predict employee experience, satisfaction, and performance in real-time through all life cycle. Boost organizational resilience and strategic agility by keeping track of employee and organizational needs.

Succession planning

Our comprehensive and integrative framework for succession planning combines goals and required competencies. We will help you manage risks, predict & evaluate the possible impact of core employee attrition, and evaluate the readiness of potential replacements.

Insight 360

A holistic approach to tracking and improving adaptive leadership skills which analyzes the leader׳s capabilities and gaps from a 360° perspective. The data is intuitively organized in a dashboard reflecting management style, insights, performance, and more.


Analyze and improve your organizational performance to formulate an immediate and efficient action plan. Leverage invaluable insights from internal surveys and diagnostics to impact talent management, employee evaluations, and performance using comprehensive and secure modules.