The Flower Model- A role mapping model

In the current reality, when change is rapid and often extreme, organizational structures and job definitions require frequent refinement in order to adapt them to the external reality and the needs of the organization.

Eric Albo, senior consultant at O.D Consulting, developed the Flower Model, a user-friendly visual model with the following benefits:

  • Mapping the dimensions of each employee’s role in light of reality
  • Defining success indicators
  • Self-diagnosis for employees in relation to their position vis-à-vis the desired model
  • Diagnosis of business units that assesses use of resources to create conditions for fulfilling the role
  • Focusing the training processes (knowledge and skills) for optimal implementation of the position
  • Choosing actions to narrow the gap

We are implementing this model in the Leon’s Foundation two-year “Rashit” program which aims to create equal opportunities among students from disadvantaged populations by empowering educators in elementary schools.

During the first year, the model helps define the educator’s role in their institution, allows them to identify personal gaps between the existing and the desired model, and helps the school understand whether it is investing the required resources to achieve it and the educator’s goals. “The model maps the professional needs of the educators, and, based on that, we construct the necessary knowledge and skill training for educators.”

During the second year, the model is focused on building the team of educators as an influential community. Here the model contributes to distilling the challenges of the role and on defining organizational solutions beyond the individual educator. At the end of the year, the schools present a solution to the challenges they have been working during the program.

This model has so far been successfully implemented in ten 10 schools as part of the “Rashit – Educating Communities” program.

The uniqueness of the model is that it can be applied to any position in any organization: mapping, definition, identification of gaps, gap-focused training, and actions to optimize positions in the various professions of the organization.

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